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Trafficking for Time Trade is an ongoing series of artworks that began in Iceland, 2015.

The theory behind this project is that time is a human organ which weakens and depletes during our lifetimes.


An overwhelming demand for the recovery of lost time has generated an illegal trade of the organ for transplantation.


Consequently, time has been stored in several locations around the world. 


My goal is to locate and depict these places through my paintings.

Every artwork from this series is produced using textiles (blankets, serviettes, pillowcases and others) collected from either air, road, rail or space transport. I buy them using ICECOIN, a currency that I created in a single edition of 86 numbered notes.

When completed, each painting is displayed on a public or private venue selected by me for the DEBUT documentation.

The project entails a number of intertwined activities including trade, field research, studio work and exhibition.

When there are 86 paintings, the work will be complete.

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